2022 Dream Home Giveaway

dream home

The architects took most advantage of the placement and the views by inserting all the main dwelling areas on the higher ground, alongside the pool. The house has a contemporary design that’s very open and very properly connected to its environment. The total structure is slim, glossy and sculptural, the house that includes a cascading design that embraces the views and the environment.

dream home

The expertise is exclusive and superb and the ambiance in here may be very serene, relaxing and stunning on all levels. After all, not many individuals can say that they’ve an underwater room of their house. In order to preserve the positioning as greatest as attainable and to salvage as much vegetation as possible, the architects designed the homes with small footprints. They’re organized vertically and so they resemble small towers, every structured on three floors and every with a roof garden.

The connection with the surroundings and the land can be emphasised by way of the choice of materials, finishes and colors. The house includes a bunch of details that enable it to look more stunning as it weathers. The house is a weekend retreat constructed by WMR Arquitectos in 2014. The architects designed the house with an exposed skeleton that embraces the cliff. The skeleton of the house has a black end and the walls have been clad in dark brown. They contrast with the interior which has white partitions and ceilings.

It’s quite modest in reality and that’s what makes it special. The home sits in a ravine that overlooks the Andaman Sea. The rocky landscape and the views have been the 2 components that the architects targeted on when they designed this unique home. When the views and the surroundings are as wonderful as they’re here,nothing is extra necessary than doing the location justice. This was in fact the main objective that the architects of Original Vision has to achieve. They designed this extraordinary dream house someplace on Kamala Beach, in Phuket, Thailand. The house was designed by The Jungle House because of the dense vegetation that surrounds it.

Like plenty of other houses and villas, the Plane House has a design extremely influences by its location. Situated on Skaithos Island, in Greece, the house was designed by K Studio. A 270 degree view of the coastline defines the major inside areas, the house being rigorously oriented in the direction of it. Naturally, the architects have been impressed by the surroundings, the views and the situations on the positioning. The coolest thing concerning the general design is the strong connection that it has with water. A giant pool is seamlessly related to the wooden deck and the lounge areas and one of the rooms is positioned below them.