Simple Minimalist Kitchen Design Tips

A simple minimalist kitchen design can make a small kitchen look bigger and function better. Minimalist design does not mean the room is cold and stiff, but emphasizes regular placement and planning to make the room comfortable and harmonious without being cluttered. The following are simple minimalist kitchen design tips:

Repetitive Material Usage

The simple minimalist kitchen design below uses only white and wood with the same pattern from the floor to the cabinet, plus the installation of metal materials. The different finishes seem to blend together, making the kitchen look bigger even though it’s actually a bit tight. There’s still room big enough to cook your favorite food.

Neutral Color Selection

White is a strong color to make a simple minimalist kitchen design look more spacious. For the widest impression, pair light gray with white for the main finish and use a bit of dark gray or black on the back wall or above the hanging cabinet to give the back wall a further impression than it really is.

Floor Finishing

The choice of floor can make a simple minimalist kitchen design more attractive, especially if the floor area is limited. Monochrome cabinet finishes can help patterned tiled floors become the main attraction and the cooking area doesn’t look cramped.

Under Cabinet Lighting

The lighting under the cabinet gives a modern impression and attractive illumination to your simple minimalist kitchen design. The kitchen area also feels more open and flowing. Food cooking time The extra light from the cabinet light will dispel the feeling of cramping and provide a clearer view for extra comfort and safety.

Smart Interior Organizers

A simple minimalist kitchen design prioritizes efficiency. Use existing technology to keep cabinet contents hidden and expandable for more space when needed. Storage of food cooking utensils such as plates, spoons, forks, glasses and others becomes concise and invisible but still easy to take when needed.

Use Bar Counter

A minimalist kitchen is usually part of a small house with an open concept. However, sometimes there are times when you are lazy to clean the kitchen or put it off. You can install a bar counter to cover the scene. The kitchen stays looking clean as your guests walk by. A simple minimalist kitchen design doesn’t mean you limit yourself. The key is to choose carefully the elements needed so that they focus on function and efficiency. You can put personal touches such as shelf or floor motifs according to taste to add a personal impression as the owner.