4 Easy Ways to Create a Minimalist Kitchen at Home

A minimalist kitchen will provide many advantages, because the kitchen is far from cluttered, and time efficient when cooking. A kitchen that is not minimalist will make it difficult for you to prepare and find items. This can be avoided if you apply a minimalist concept to the kitchen at home. Here are some easy ways to create a minimalist kitchen at home:

Minimalist Kitchen

Get rid of the microwave

By having a microwave, you feel that you can make everything more practical, especially for preparing food for your loved ones. You probably don’t use the microwave every day and just take up a lot of space in the kitchen. If you really can’t let go of the microwave, try to take advantage of the space in the kitchen set.

Only save frequently used items

Try making a note that lists items you have used frequently and which have not been used in the past month. From there, you can find out what items you really need in the kitchen. Keep the items used every day, and immediately get rid of those that have not been used in the past month.

Add a trolley for easy movement in the kitchen

Trolley is quite important, considering you need freedom to move in the kitchen. With a trolley, you don’t have to lift heavy items or go back and forth to the dining table and sink to move dirty cutlery. Simply by providing a trolley with wheels and levels, you can easily move dirty dishes to the sink. Trolleys can also be additional decorations that are not only unique but also work well.

Choose a versatile tool

If all this time you have had a hobby of collecting various pans and pans, you can start to reduce it because it can make your kitchen more full and messy. You just need to have all-purpose pans and pans that don’t have one special function. For example, a special pan for pancakes and fried eggs.