Tips Simple Minimalist Kitchen Design

Maybe you are often confused when you want to design your simple minimalist kitchen style. There are lots of references that you can get. If you have gotten inspiration for what kind of kitchen model you will design, here are some practical tips to help you create a simple but still beautiful minimalist kitchen design:

Minimalist Kitchen

Interior Design Selection

The first thing you do is choose the right kitchen interior design. For the selection of the design itself, the concept of the house that you will build and the available budget. If your home concept has a classic or traditional theme, then the kitchen model that you have to design must also have the same concept. It usually blends in with the dining room, but can also be separated from the dining room by adding a partition or divider that can be disassembled. This will also add a unique value to your minimalist kitchen design.

Kitchen Floor Selection

The kitchen floor greatly affects cleanliness and safety while in the kitchen. Our advice is try to avoid choosing slippery floor materials, because as we know that the kitchen is not always dry. After that, choose the appropriate floor color, because the kitchen is a place that gets dirty easily. To design this minimalist kitchen, you should also install kitchen tiles on the wall so that the kitchen walls don’t get dirty easily.

Kitchen Style Selection

Standard concept features can look like a kitchen with a homely impression with minimal use of kitchen set equipment. In standard model kitchens, they still use large dish racks which will actually take up a lot of space.

Furniture Selection

If you choose a kitchen design with a classic theme, then choose kitchen furniture that supports your new classic type. In this concept, you can combine it with a dining table made of teak wood or the like. On the kitchen wall it is enough with bricks without you drawers which are important to make neatly as a classic traditional impression. This luxury kitchen concept blends with the dining room.